Living under an open heaven

What is the meaning for the heavens to be opened?

It is the free access of God's will and to hear His voice.

Results of open heaven

provision Ps 78:23-29, Mal 3:8-11, Deut 28:12, Rev 3:7-8

vision and direction Rev 19:11-16, Rev 4:1-2, Ezek 1:1, Acts 10:9-16

affirmation and encouragement Acts 7:54-57, John 1:51

Results of closed heaven

There is no provision, no vision/direction, and no affirmation/encouragement.
Luke 4:25, Deut 28:23, Ezek 32:7-8

What causes the heavens to be closed?

robbing God Mal 3:8-11

pride Jer 13:15-16, Ps 75

religious activities Matt 23:1-3, 13f

willful disobedience Deut 28:15-23