The Beatitudes - the way of entering the kingdom and walking in it. - Matt. 5:3-12

Webster's definition of beatitudes is the state of utmost bliss; bless means to invoke divine care for

Blessed means held in reverence, honored in worship, bringing pleasure or contentment

Matt 5:20, 23:1-3, 7:13-27; Luke 8:4-15, 21; James 1:22-25

Matthew 5:3 poor in spirit (nothing to offer God)

Matthew 5:4 mourn (lament, grieve over sin)

Matthew 5:5 meek (humble) power under control, term applied to stallions that have been broken, ruling the spirit well

Matthew 5:6 hunger and thirst (desire, long after)

Matthew 5:7 merciful (meet needs, help rescue)

Matthew 5:8 pure (holy) - no additives, pure

Matthew 5: 9 peacemakers (creating righteousness for right relationships, hold up standard of righteousness)

Matthew 5:10-12 persecuted

Progression of kingdom living

attribute - benefit
poor in spirit - kingdom of heaven, salvation
mourn - comforted
meek - inheritance
hunger and thirst - satisfied
merciful - receive mercy
pure in heart - see God
peacemakers - sons of God
persecuted - kingdom of heaven, reward, inheritance